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Cary Outis


As you'll see  there are so many ways to make marks! Most of the brush and ink paintings are from a start point of immediacy and focus. They counterpoint the long process of painting, and I don't think I could do the one without the other.

The pencil drawings are often done in the dark winter months, and are effectively excessive doodles.

Life drawing is a regular thing for me, and has been for 15 years so far. I have a huge pile of crummy work in a plan chest, and have published the less crummy!

Pen and ink work starts with a pencil drawing usually, so is almost a combination of brush and ink spontaneity and painting's slow methodology.

The brush and ink work is increasingly drawn from my study of Chinese martial arts, for the last 30 + years. The Chinese approach to all the Arts is fundamentally different to most modern Western ones, demanding long practise and discipline, but with an intention of realising ultimate freedom.